Granadilla de Abona in Tenerife to host the International Storytelling Festival

Granadilla de Abona is to host the Los Silos International Storytelling Festival

Yesterday, the Franciscan Convent’s patio in Granadilla de Abona hosted a significant event: for the first time in the municipality’s history, the presentation of the 28th International Storytelling Festival of Los Silos Extension was held. The ceremony was attended by prominent figures including Ernesto Rodríguez Abad, the Festival’s director; Óscar Delgado Melo, the first deputy mayor; and Francisco Socas Díaz, the councillor of the Culture Department responsible for bringing this renowned event to Granadilla de Abona.

The festival, scheduled for the 23rd, 24th, and 25th of this month, will offer a comprehensive program full of family-friendly activities with a strong literary focus, transforming the historic centre of the town into a hub for international guests and local residents to celebrate reading.

Granadilla in Tenerife to host the International Storytelling Festival

This extension of the festival is a key feature of the November programming for the Granadilla de Abona Cultural Agenda, Culturarte, and particularly its Contarte section.

The Granadilla Extension will introduce new features and host distinguished personalities, including Cecilia Domínguez, winner of the Canary Islands Literature Prize; Humberto Hernández, president of the Canary Islands Academy of Language; and Benita Prieto, a renowned Brazilian writer, among others.

Óscar Delgado, the first deputy mayor of the southern municipality, expressed pride and satisfaction at this development, stating, “the fact that after 28 editions the Festival has found a place in Granadilla de Abona is a testament to our commitment to doing things well.”

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