Spending winter in the best climate in the world: ‘Skip this Season’ in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are rolling out a new winter campaign targeted specifically at silver tourists.

The Canary Islands, nestled in the Atlantic Ocean, are renowned for their idyllic climate even during winter. Their pleasant temperatures and abundant sunshine draw numerous visitors annually, with a significant portion being Silver Tourists – travelers aged over 55. This demographic often possesses the necessary time and financial resources to travel south during off-peak seasons.

The “Skip this Season” campaign by the Canary Islands targets these Silver Tourists, aiming to attract them to the archipelago during the colder months.

Over the past two decades, the average age in the European Union has risen by six years to 44.4 years. The Silver Tourist segment now includes about 152 million individuals, with numbers on the rise. Given their propensity to spend substantial time and money on travel, they hold great potential for holiday destinations, a fact that the Canary Islands are capitalizing on with their targeted campaign.

Spending winter in the best climate in the world: 'Skip this Season' in the Canary Islands

Silver Tourists are known to value the archipelago for its warm climate, diverse activities, and low crime rate, not to mention the excellent gastronomy, well-developed infrastructure, and renowned Canarian hospitality. Current statistics reveal that the largest portion of Silver Tourists to the Canary Islands, about 23.4%, are from Germany, followed by the UK and Scandinavian countries. Around 66% of them travel as couples, and nearly 91% are repeat visitors.

In Germany, a significant proportion of the population falls into this age bracket due to an aging demographic: 37.8% of its 84 million residents are over 55 years old. Many prefer to escape to the south during the winter, especially considering the cold, wet weather in Germany from November to February, often marked by frost and snow and rarely exceeding 15 degrees Celsius.


The “Skip this Season” campaign aims to entice even more Silver Tourists to spend the winter months in the Canary Islands. The campaign is especially directed at those familiar with the islands from shorter trips and now have the time and resources to flee the European colder season for an extended stay. The campaign is scheduled for October, November, and December 2023 and will be marketed in Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and Ireland.

Central to “Skip this Season” is comparing weather forecasts between the home countries of the Silver Tourists and the Canary Islands for the upcoming winter. While mainland and northern Europe will likely experience cool, rainy weather, the Canary Islands beckon with temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius and plenty of sunshine, highlighting the islands as an appealing winter escape.


The Canary Islands boast one of the world’s best climates, with over 4,000 hours of annual sunshine and minimal rainfall. The sun is a constant energy source, providing vital Vitamin D, essential for calcium absorption and offering protection against certain diseases. While winters in much of Europe are cold and dark, the Canary Islands offer extended sunny days, allowing visitors to enjoy the outdoors in mild temperatures and rejuvenate.

The archipelago is easily accessible with 668 direct flights from 26 European countries and features thousands of kilometers of coastline, ideal for thalassotherapy, due to the nutrient-rich volcanic waters surrounding the islands.

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