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Advance warning issued for heavy rain and severe storms in the Canary Islands

There is a possibility of extremely heavy rain showers in the Canary Islands.

On Friday, the 30th of November, from noon, the Canary Islands Government through the Emergencies Directorate will issue a warning precedent for expected rain and violent storms. Based on weather forecasts from the state’s meteorological agency and other sources, this initiative triggers the operation of PEFMA.

Rain is expected across all the islands ranging from light to somewhat heavy showers, with heavier rains probably occurring on the western and southern slopes. In addition to this, high altitude regions might suffer severe showers. About 60 litres of rain can fall on the west or the summit of La Palma within a period of twelve hours.

The major islands will experience major storms and this can be extended to the furthest island.

Advance warning issued for heavy rain and severe storms in the Canary Islands

The emergency directorate instructs residents and guests of the islands on some safety measures they should follow. Checking structural components prior to winter, following warnings in mass media concerning torrential downpours, avoiding camping in regions susceptible to flooding and spending time inside secure places should be done. If it is necessary to drive then one has to do so in a very cautious manner by choosing main roads only. Be careful while crossing in a flood area and do avoid overtopped bridges.

Stay away from dangerous chemicals while in your homes and never take elevators as traps during natural disasters. Turn off power sources and vacate for higher grounds until emergency professionals arrive. Enter houses after the emergency, do not spark fires, drink bottled water, and only make emergency calls on 1-1-2 with questions on 012.

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