24-hour surge in Southern Tenerife: 8,500 passengers and 2,600 vehicles set to embark

Over the Constitution Day long weekend, a notable preference for the western islands among Tenerife residents is expected to result in the return of 12,800 travellers and 3,200 cars.

The Los Cristianos port in Tenerife is gearing up for significantly higher traffic this long weekend compared to a typical week. Since yesterday midday, there’s been increased activity at the access points and the Aronero quay for vehicle embarkation on Fred Olsen and Armas, the two ferry companies operating routes to La Palma, La Gomera, and El Hierro. These islands have emerged as popular getaway destinations for thousands of Tenerife residents.

The Port Authority informed DIARIO DE AVISOS that from yesterday to midday today, 42 embarkation and disembarkation operations are scheduled, with 11 ferry arrivals on the first day and 10 more expected on Wednesday. It’s anticipated that 8,500 passengers and 2,600 vehicles will embark to the western islands in just over 24 hours. Peak traffic began yesterday afternoon and is expected to continue through this morning.

24-hour surge in Southern Tenerife: 8,500 passengers and 2,600 vehicles set to embark

The return operation next weekend is set to be even busier with passenger, car, and lorry traffic. There are 9 scheduled stopovers on Saturday and 11 on Sunday, likely resulting in the movement of 12,800 passengers and 3,200 vehicles from La Palma, La Gomera, and El Hierro.

The Isla Colombina usually attracts the most visitors during the long weekend, though recent years have seen a rise in trips to the Isla Bonita. The Los Cristianos port, one of Spain’s busiest, struggles with increasing traffic, especially in the limited space available for embarking and disembarking vehicles, which must be done quickly. Despite growing vehicle numbers, space constraints remain unchanged, necessitating efficient coordination.

Apart from the Constitution long weekend, the Arona port area experiences its highest traffic during Easter, the summer months (particularly August), and key Christmas days. These peaks further complicate operations in the already limited facilities, which also accommodate nautical and fishing activities.

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