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Canary Islands’ most festive house sparkles with over 40,000 light bulbs for Christmas

This year, the most Christmassy house in the Canary Islands, already aglow with more than 40,000 light bulbs, includes a special area dedicated for children.

Lorenzo Barroso continues his annual tradition of showcasing the most festively decorated house in the Canary Islands. The lighting ceremony, which took place this week, attracted nearly 500 spectators and featured a parade supported by the City Council of La Laguna.

The family began their unique Christmas decorations in 1995 at their home in Valle de Guerra, on the road to El Boquerón. “As years passed, the fame of our decorations grew, turning it into a genuine Christmas tradition,” Lorenzo shared with DIARIO DE AVISOS.

Christmas: Canary Islands' most festive house sparkles with over 40,000 light bulbs

This year, the house stands out with over 40,000 light bulbs and includes a special area designed for children. Visitors are welcome to experience this festive display free of charge.

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