Employment opportunities in the Canary Islands: The portal listing over 7,600 job openings across the Islands

According to the portal listing with over 7,600 job openings in the Canary Islands, these are the ten most in-demand professional profiles.

November saw a total of 7,625 job openings in the Canary Islands, marking a slight increase of 2% compared to the same period last year and 4% more than the 7,299 vacancies in October, as reported by InfoJobs.

The month, influenced by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, saw high demand in sectors like commercial and sales (14% of total vacancies), retail (13%), customer service (10%), and purchasing, logistics, and warehouse (7%). These sectors, crucial during this peak season, accounted for nearly 3,300 openings, or 44% of all vacancies. Essentially, nearly half of November’s job openings were concentrated at the onset of the pre-Christmas campaign.

Notably, the purchasing, logistics, and warehousing category experienced the most significant growth, with a 66% increase from October, offering over 500 jobs. The sales and commercial sector, however, led in vacancy numbers for November, with over 1,000 openings and a 3% rise from October. Year-over-year, the retail sector showed a notable 41% increase, totaling over 970 vacancies.

These categories also attracted the highest number of applicants: customer service with over 8,500; commercial and sales with 3,300; and purchasing, logistics, and warehousing with over 2,800. Retail received more than 1,200 applications.

Outside commercial campaign-related categories, tourism and catering stood out, being the leader in November vacancies (2,166), growing by 31% from October and maintaining last year’s level.


Employment opportunities in the Canary Islands: The portal listing over 7,600 job openings across the Islands

The ten most in-demand profiles included shop assistants with over 1,100 offers, sales representatives with 200, tele-operators with 160, delivery vehicle drivers with 160, and forklift operators with 150. The tourism and catering sector also had significant demand, with over 600 vacancies for waiters/waitresses and nearly 200 for cooks.

In retail, the shop assistant role was most sought after, comprising 78% of the total demanded positions in the category, followed by shop managers (7%), cashiers (4%), sales department assistants (3%), and other shop assistants (2.5%).

Regarding contract types, InfoJobs listed 2,879 positions in the Canary Islands with open-ended contracts, making up 37.7% of reported vacancies. Fixed-term contracts accounted for 34.5% of the total vacancies in November, amounting to 2,636. Full-time positions were predominant, representing 55.4% of all jobs, while part-time roles comprised 19.6%.

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