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Arrival of warm air mass in the Canary Islands: timings and impact on the region

Starting this weekend, a widespread increase in temperatures is expected in the Canary Islands, due to arrival of warm air mass and calima.

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has alerted the public about a significant increase in temperatures expected across much of Spain in the coming days. This change is attributed to a warm air mass that will traverse the country, noted to be one of the warmest for this time of year.

In the Canary Islands, Aemet’s local delegate, David Suárez, has forecasted a general rise in temperatures over the weekend, with the mercury possibly climbing to 28ºC. Although this temperature spike is atypical for the season, Suárez assures that it won’t necessitate heat warnings on the islands.

Furthermore, the period in question is likely to see predominantly clear skies, with the possibility of haze appearing in the archipelago.

Arrival of warm air mass in the Canary Islands: timings and impact on the region

Aemet’s report, as seen on their social media profile, suggests that the temperatures on the mainland could be as much as 6ºC above the norm for December, likening the weather to that usually experienced in mid to late October rather than mid-December.

Such is the intensity of this warm spell that, according to Aemet’s records, the 11th and 12th of December could potentially be the warmest days experienced in December since records began in 1940. This unusual weather event is set to impact Spain as a whole, marking a noteworthy deviation from typical December weather patterns.

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