Immediate resolution sought for queues at Tenerife South Airport

Ashotel is urgently calling for a solution to tackle the 'endless' queues at Tenerife South Airport.

Ashotel has emphasized the urgent need for a solution to the persistent problem of “endless” queues at Tenerife South Airport, the seventh busiest in Spain’s AENA network. These queues, particularly problematic during peak seasons, often form as passengers wait for taxis to take them to their accommodations on the island.

The hotel employers’ association has been vocal about this issue for weeks. They argue that the airport should be declared a sensitive area, criticizing the ineffectiveness of regulations approved in 2013, which have not been implemented due to reasons such as the lack of a computer application for managing transfers.

Ashotel suggests looking at successful models like Madrid-Barajas Airport, where taxis from any municipality in the Community of Madrid can freely enter to pick up passengers without transfer requirements or other restrictive measures. They point out that such measures limit competition and benefit only a few license holders, while Barajas Airport, like Tenerife South, is state-owned and should serve all Spaniards.

Immediate resolution sought for queues at Tenerife South Airport

The association contends that the 2013 regulation is outdated and fails to meet the current needs of Tenerife South Airport’s users. They note an increased number of tourists organizing their trips and a corresponding greater demand for taxi services, which cannot be met solely by taxis from Granadilla and San Miguel.

Ashotel criticizes the impracticality of expecting taxis from other municipalities to record transfers 24 hours in advance on a non-existent platform. The regulation also stipulates that the service must be requested by a legal entity, adding another layer of complexity for tourists.

Jorge Marichal, President of Ashotel, points out that the chaos in arranging transportation from the airport is harming Tenerife’s economy. He insists that the island cannot afford such problems and advocates for a simpler solution.

Immediate resolution sought for queues at Tenerife South Airport

Marichal argues against the restriction on taxi licenses at the airport, suggesting that taxis from outside Granadilla should be able to pick up passengers without special reservations. He also highlights the contradiction of non-Granadilla taxis having to return empty, which goes against efforts for decarbonization in transportation, leading to increased pollution and traffic on the island’s roads.

Ashotel proposes a solution involving clear, measurable indicators to allow taxis from other tourist areas in Tenerife to enter the airport. They suggest appointing a coordinator or head of the taxi rank at the airport to manage taxi flow, based on these indicators.

The association stresses that Tenerife South Airport and other Canary Islands airports must improve their image as key entry points for visitors and residents alike, and not continue to present a negative impression due to these transport issues.

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