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Calima pre-alert issued in the Canary Islands

The weather forecast for the Canary Islands indicates fluctuating concentrations of calima, potentially leading to health issues for individuals with chronic or respiratory conditions.

The regional government of the Canary Islands has issued a pre-alert for calima, which is expected to primarily affect the southern slopes of the islands, beginning on the eastern slopes before spreading to the rest of the archipelago.

The calima is forecasted to contain variable concentrations of PM10 particles – fine particulate matter small enough to be inhaled into the respiratory system – with a daily average ranging between 100-150 micrograms per cubic metre. These levels could pose health risks, particularly for individuals with chronic or respiratory diseases.

Visibility may be reduced to between 4,000 and 5,000 metres, as per the Canary Islands government’s assessment.

Calima pre-alert issued in the Canary Islands

This pre-alert decision is based on data from the State Meteorological Agency and other relevant sources, in line with the Specific Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands for the Risk of Adverse Meteorological Phenomena (Pefma).

Under the Pefma guidelines, the Directorate General for Security and Emergencies of the Canary Islands Government recommends precautionary measures such as keeping doors and windows closed and avoiding outdoor activities, especially for those with chronic respiratory illnesses. They also advise staying hydrated, avoiding dry environments, refraining from strenuous physical activity during the calima, and seeking medical attention if any health issues arise.

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