The most sought-after town in Tenerife to visit during Christmas

This location in Tenerife ranks as one of the top destinations that people seek out for Christmas.

Madrid and Barcelona rank as the fifth and seventh most popular international destinations for upcoming holidays on, with London leading the global list. Alongside these Spanish cities, Adeje in Tenerife stands out as a top destination within Spain.

This ‘top 10’ list also features renowned global cities like Paris, Tokyo, Rome, New York, Amsterdam, Bangkok, and Dubai.

Beyond Madrid and Barcelona, other Spanish cities favored by international travellers include Seville, Malaga, Valencia, Granada, Adeje, and Benidorm.

The most sought-after town in Tenerife to visit during Christmas’s data also highlights Madrid as a preferred destination for Spaniards during the holdiay season, a trend that continued from the December long weekend. London, Seville, Barcelona, Granada, Malaga, Paris, Valencia, Rome, and Benidorm follow suit.

Madrid’s popularity for Christmas is tied to a surge in flight bookings compared to last year, moving from tenth to sixth in search rankings. The flight booking leaderboard features Bangkok, London, Paris, Istanbul, and Ko Samui.

Regionally, Andalusia claims a notable fourth place, only trailing behind Greater London, the Ile de France (Paris), and the State of Sao Paulo (Brazil).

In addition, the Canary Islands and Catalonia are among the most popular destinations for holiday travel, ranking sixth and tenth respectively. Other notable regions in this category include Florida, California, and the State of Rio de Janeiro.

As for the nationalities visiting Spain the most during Christmas, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany lead the way. They are followed by visitors from Italy, Portugal, Poland, the Netherlands, the USA, and Ireland.

Spanish travellers, on the other hand, are most likely to book trips to major European capitals like Paris, London, and Rome for their Christmas vacations.

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