Christmas hotel occupancy in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife hits 83%

The Tourism Competitiveness and Sustainability Observatory of Ashotel indicates that Christmas sales have been concluded and reflect more than just occupancy expectations for the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Hotel and extra-hotel establishments in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, associated with Ashotel, have reached an 83% booking level for the Christmas holiday period (from December 18 to January 7). This data comes from an internal survey conducted by the hotel employers’ association through its Tourism Competitiveness and Sustainability Observatory, reflecting actual sales rather than mere occupancy expectations.

Breaking it down by islands, La Palma (83.3%) and Tenerife (83.2%) surpass the provincial average. La Gomera also shows a solid booking level at 76.3%, while El Hierro, known for its last-minute bookings which usually boost its figures significantly, stands at 43.1%. The survey, conducted from December 1 to 13, included 251 open accommodation establishments associated with Ashotel across the four islands, representing about 97,000 beds (71% of the province’s total capacity), with a response rate exceeding 60%.

Christmas hotel occupancy in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife hits 83%

Comparatively, the Ashotel survey for Christmas 2022-23 had shown booking levels at 78% for Tenerife and La Palma, 74% for La Gomera, and 24% for El Hierro, indicating a rise in bookings this year.

In Tenerife, the southern area leads with the highest booking rate at 84.9%, followed by the north at 79.6%, and the metropolitan area at 59.6%. All these figures surpass last year’s survey results. In the current survey, 45% of respondents anticipate that this Christmas season will be better than last year, 36% expect it to be the same, and 19% foresee it being worse. In comparison to the pre-pandemic Christmas, 51% believe this holiday season will surpass the 2019-20 season in terms of occupancy, while 25% expect it to be lower and 24% foresee it being the same.

The week from December 25 to January 31 is expected to record the best occupancy, averaging 88%. The preceding week is projected to close at nearly 79%, and the final week in January is anticipated to be around 82%.

Juan Pablo González, the manager of Ashotel, highlights that these figures are a confirmation of the industry’s recovery.

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