The 41st Annual Awards Ceremony by Puerto de la Cruz Centre for Initiatives and Tourism

In its 41st edition, CIT Puerto de la Cruz has chosen to highlight the efforts and contributions made by various entities towards the betterment of the municipality and the island.

The CIT Puerto de la Cruz, an esteemed organization dedicated to fostering growth and development in Puerto de la Cruz and the larger island of Tenerife, is rounding off the year with its prestigious CIT Puerto de la Cruz 2023 Awards. These awards are a cornerstone of CIT’s annual program of activities, celebrating entities that have made significant contributions to various projects both in the city and on the island. The awards recognize those with an impressive professional track record and who have made substantial impacts in the social sphere.

The 41st Annual Awards Ceremony by Puerto de la Cruz Centre for Initiatives and Tourism
The 40th Annual Awards Ceremony celebrated in 2022

In this 41st edition, the CIT Puerto de la Cruz has carefully selected three distinguished awardees, as chosen by its members, in categories that reflect the organization’s commitment to honoring excellence in tourism, professional achievement, and social responsibility:

  1. Tourist Work: CLUB 13, an association of hotel managers whose ongoing professional activities have been instrumental in shaping the tourism landscape of Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz.
  2. Professional Work: Operativo BRIFOR, acknowledged for their crucial role in the prevention and control of forest fires on the island, safeguarding the environment and communities.
  3. Social Work: SINPROMI, recognized for its unwavering dedication to promoting the full inclusion of people with disabilities in society, thereby fostering a more inclusive community.

CIT Puerto de la Cruz has long been a pillar in the community, actively involved in promoting tourism, cultural activities, and sustainable development within the region. This awards ceremony, both emblematic and commemorative, is set to take place on Thursday, 21st December, at the Hotel Tigaiga. It stands as a testament to the organization’s ongoing commitment to recognizing and encouraging exceptional contributions to the community and the island at large.

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