TEA is showing ‘Last Trial’, a short film inspired by the Star Wars universe

Marino Darés' latest film is available for viewing without charge at the art centre TEA on Thursday (21st) at 19:00.

TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes is set to showcase “Last Trial-A Star Wars Collateral Story” on Thursday (December 21st) at 19:00. This Star Wars universe-themed fan film, crafted by Marino Darés and featuring Pablo R. Montenegro and Álex Falcon, promises to be an exciting event. The screening, introduced by TEA’s Film and Video curator Emilio Ramal, alongside Pablo R. Montenegro and Marino Darés, offers free admission until the venue reaches capacity.

The evening is not just about the film; it includes the presence of imperial soldiers and surprises for younger attendees. Additionally, an exclusive behind-the-scenes feature will be shown, revealing insights into the production process from the team. After the film, there will be a discussion session.

Jake Cadmus, known for his work on popular fan films like “Star Wars-Vader: Shards of the Past” (2018) and “The Unstable Crystal” (2021), composed the original soundtrack. This short feature, filmed in Teide National Park, has garnered fifteen awards, including accolades for Marino Darés and Pablo Montenegro at various international movie festivals.

A fan-made short film inspired by the Star Wars universe

“Last Trial” is part of the Collateral Story label, a collective of audiovisual professionals and Star Wars enthusiasts based in the Canary Islands, dedicated to creating unique Star Wars narratives. The feature will also be available on YouTube on the Star Wars Collateral Story channel, which already boasts six thousand subscribers and features other fanfilm content like Kevin Castellano’s “Keeper of Peace” and the teaser for Pablo Montenegro’s “Seed of Light.”

Set 18 years after the great Jedi purge and the rise of the Galactic Empire, “Last Trial” follows a young padawan rebel spy and a rookie soldier as they undergo their most challenging and pivotal trial amidst smoke, fire, and relentless gunfire.

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