Top 3 tapas to savour in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Top three tapas to savour in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The “Ruta de la Tapa Mar y Montaña” in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has announced its winners, selected from over 50 participating local catering establishments.

The top prize was awarded to Cafetería Bahía for its ‘Enyesque de los Roques’, a creative dish featuring octopus, cheese, paprika, millet bread, and olive oil.

El Refugio de las Ánimas secured second place with its inventive ‘Gambón sobre bacalao tibio surfeando frutos de la huerta’. This tapa combined cod, prawns, mushrooms, onion, sweet and sour gherkin, capers, tartar sauce, black olive, prawn sand, and a wheat pancake.

García Bar claimed the third prize with its ‘Ensaladilla de batata y bacalao’ (sweet potato and cod salad), another standout creation.

These three establishments were highly rated on the specially set up web app, which saw over 6,600 visits, nearly 3,000 registered users, and about 500 votes.

Top 3 tapas to savour in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Three lucky users also won a €50 voucher for participating in the voting process on the web app. They can redeem their vouchers at any of the establishments participating in the route, which celebrated the culinary delights of both sea and mountain from the Anaga Massif.

Other notable entries included Auyama Real Food’s small timbale of sweet potato and cod crumbs with caramelised onion, pico de gallo, EVOO, coriander, and balsamic vinegar; and Kazoku Izakaya’s red tuna tartare marinated in tamarind jam, creamy avocado, tartufata, topped with masago arare pearls.

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