7 best Tenerife restaurants specialising in meats, according to Tripadvisor

These restaurants stand out for their excellent quality-price ratio and excellent customer reviews

The Canarian Archipelago, boasts a rich and varied gastronomy and restaurants, in which some typical dishes such as “escaldón” (a dish based on a gofio flour paste), “ropa vieja” (literally “old clothes”, stewed garbanzo beans and shredded meat) or “piña con papas y costillas” (pork ribs, potatos and corn on the cob) form part of the favourite dishes of the Canary Islanders, as well as being a must on the gastronomic route of tourists.

On this occasion, within this great variety, we highlight some of the best restaurants specialising in meats in Tenerife, which have quality products and receive positive reviews from their customers.

7 best Tenerife restaurants specialising in meats, according to Tripadvisor


Located in the town of Buenavista del Norte, to be more precise on the road that leads to the famous Caserío de Masca, this establishment stands out for its variety of meats, the quality of its products, as well as for the customer service, highly valued by its clients on Tripadvisor. T-bone steaks, entrecote, goat meat or rabbit in “salmorejo” sauce are some of the specialities of the Mesón del Norte Restaurant.

They also offer other typical dishes of the islands such as escaldón de gofio or grilled cheese with mojo. All this makes it an “obligatory visit” on your way to the Teno Rural Park and one of the best meat restaurants in Tenerife.


Meat lovers will be left open-mouthed by the chuletones (steaks) on display. Some of his customers have described the Galician Rubia and Galician Mestizo beef chuletones as “exceptional”. Sergio’s Mojo Picón, located in the municipality of Santa Úrsula, is also known for the variety of Canarian food on the menu. In addition, many customers appreciate the grill service at the table that allows giving the meat the final touch to the taste of each diner, especially when they are very large pieces to share.

7 best Tenerife restaurants specialising in meats, according to Tripadvisor


Whether you live on the island or are just visiting, you cannot miss the marvellous views of the north of Tenerife. On this route, stopping for lunch at one of the most charming establishments in La Guancha, 7 Islas Tavern, means guaranteed success.

The place has spectacular views, a terrace characteristic of the more rural areas, Canarian food and a grilled meat that will take your breath away. Among the comments on Tripadvisor, the one from a user who claims to have tasted “a steak that felt like butter” stands out, while another highlights the barbecue, accompanied by “wrinkled” potatoes with homemade red mojo sauce. Without a doubt, this is one of the steakhouses in Tenerife that you have to try without fail.


El Portillo Grill is a family business, located in San Miguel de Abona. It stands out for its excellent customer service and the good quality of its meats. Many users appreciate the fact that they have juicy and delicious meats such as the entrecote or the lamb chop. The comfortable atmosphere, the house wine and some starters such as ham croquettes, roast mushrooms with marinade or garlic prawns also score points.


Among the steakhouses in Tenerife, El Empedrado, located in Tacoronte, is well known both for the food and the service. The establishment has a special charm, distributed between a large terrace and the interior part where you enter an old house, very well preserved and offering a cosy atmosphere in different rooms. It is a great place to spend some time with your partner or family and taste the wonderful dishes of Canarian gastronomy and meats, from the sirloin steak with different sauces (mushrooms, Roquefort, avocado…) to the fantastic steaks.


El Pariente Tavern is a hidden establishment in La Esperanza that stands out for its good meat at an affordable price. Some of its customers recommend its croquettes which are “delicious”, the grilled cheese and the desserts and, in relation to its meats, the sirloin seems to triumph among those who have tried it.


In Tenerife, specifically in the town of Las Lagunetas, we find Patamero Tavern, a perfect place to enjoy a meal with the family in a rustic and cosy atmosphere. One of its customers highlights, on Tripadvisor, the great variety of its menu, highlighting dishes such as sweet potato montaditos, grilled asparagus, homemade croquettes, grilled mushrooms and its “star dish”, a “magnificent goat meat”.

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