Maritime link between the Canary Islands and Morocco: when will boat travel be available?

Canary Islands President Fernando Clavijo has convened with the Moroccan consul to expedite the process.

Negotiations are underway between the Canary Islands and Morocco to expedite the reestablishment of the maritime route between the archipelago and Tarfaya, as confirmed by regional President Fernando Clavijo following a meeting with Moroccan consul Fatiha El Kamouri.

The discussion, also attended by Luis Padilla, the Director General of Relations with Africa from the regional government, highlighted the significance of this sea route. Clavijo is optimistic about the line becoming operational next year, anticipating it will enhance economic and trade ties between the Canary Islands, Morocco, and other regional countries.

These talks coincide with a period of warming relations between Spain and Morocco, following a notable shift in Madrid’s foreign policy last March concerning Rabat’s stance on Western Sahara, aiming to resolve a longstanding conflict.

Maritime link between the Canary Islands and Morocco: when will boat travel be available?

The maritime link, previously operational between 2007 and 2008, ceased when the Naviera Armas ferry Assalama ran aground near Tarfaya, hindered by insufficient dredging. This incident occurred as the ferry, en route to Puerto del Rosario, hit the Moroccan breakwater under strong waves. Despite sustaining significant damage, there were no casualties, thanks in part to the swift rescue efforts of Moroccan fishermen.

Clavijo praised the past success of the Fuerteventura-Tarfaya route and committed to ensuring its swift revival. The possibility of an official visit to Morocco by Clavijo next year was also broached during the meeting.

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