Hotel Vulcano in Tenerife: embracing the New Year with elegance

From the earliest hours of the morning, the 31st of December at Hotel Vulcano in Tenerife transforms into a day-long celebration, marking the culmination of the year with an exhilarating anticipation for the New Year's arrival.

Hotel Vulcano has been bustling with vibrant energy recently, dedicating several weeks to meticulously catering to guests from all across Europe and the Canary Islands. Increasingly, locals are selecting nearby retreats like ours for a unique holiday experience that doesn’t require venturing abroad. We pride ourselves on our long-standing commitment to providing the utmost in relaxation and care for our guests seeking a tranquil escape during their vacations.

Positioned as a sanctuary amidst the lively Playa de Las Americas, Hotel Vulcano offers more than just a stay; it’s a comprehensive experience. Renowned as “an oasis in the heart of Playa de Las Americas,” the hotel boasts a design that harmoniously blends architecture and nature, creating a serene and healthful environment. Despite its peaceful atmosphere, it’s conveniently located a mere two-minute stroll from one of the most bustling restaurant and shopping districts in southern Tenerife, not to mention close proximity to the promenade and beach.

Embracing the New Year with elegance at Hotel Vulcano in Tenerife

New Year at Hotel Vulcano

At Hotel Vulcano, the excitement of New Year’s Eve begins early in the morning, with an array of activities from aqua gym to archery set to engage guests. As the evening approaches, festivities kick off at 6.30 p.m. with cocktails in the lobby, followed by a lavish gala buffet dinner in the Salinas restaurant, all while being serenaded by the melodious tunes of Jonny’s saxophone.

The culinary spread is a feast for the senses, featuring over 100 selections including a seafood corner boasting oysters, crayfish, and spider crab; abundant Iberian, smoked, and sushi offerings; a variety of meat and fish carvings; a grill station serving up beef sirloin and lobster; as well as stews, pastas, an extensive cheese board, and an array of desserts catering to every palate, complete with ice cream and a chocolate fountain for the sweet-toothed. The evening culminates with the traditional bell ringing, a spectacular show, live music, a lively party, and a dazzling fireworks display.

Hotel Vulcano presents an unparalleled way to usher in the new year, offering activities that promote both physical and mental well-being and the chance to explore the hotel’s exclusive spots like the serene Balance terrace and pool or the adult-only UP! lounge, perched on the rooftop. Guests can revel in panoramic views of Las Americas while enjoying a complimentary buffet of snacks and beverages from breakfast through the afternoon. The UP! lounge is the ideal haven for couples and friends looking to soak in a slice of summer amidst the festive season.

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