Free Disney show debuts in Santa Cruz de Tenerife this weekend: a must-see event!

The upcoming performance in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is set to offer an unprecedented level of magic and excitement.

On the evening of 30th December, Santa Cruz de Tenerife‘s Plaza de La Candelaria will become the stage for a captivating, free performance by Los Cantadores, starting at 20.30. This event marks the group’s final show of 2023 in the city and is a highlight of their annual Christmas tour.

The performance, titled “Los Ritmos de la Jungla,” promises to bring the magic and merriment of the holiday season to life across the islands. This 80-minute extravaganza draws inspiration from four of Disney’s beloved jungle-themed classics: The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Tarzan, and Encanto.

Free Disney Show Debuts in Santa Cruz de Tenerife This Weekend: A Must-See Event!

Los Cantadores are set to deliver an exceptionally innovative experience, immersing the audience in the wild narratives of Disney’s world with “more magic, more songs, more effects, and more emotion than ever before,” as described by the group’s director, Elvis Sanfiel.

Spanning over 18 dates, “Los Ritmos de la Jungla” is heralded as Los Cantadores’ most extensive Christmas tour to date. From 1st December to 7th January 2024, the group will embark on an island-wide journey with this enchanting production, designed to captivate and delight audiences of all ages.

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