Tenerife’s Epiphany parade: enjoy frequent double trams every 10 minutes!

Explore the special service schedule for Tenerife Tram on January 5th and 6th.

On Friday, 5th January, Metrotenerife will initiate a special service for Three Kings’ Eve, providing a double tram every 10 minutes throughout the day. The service will extend into the night with double trams running every 12 minutes until 02:00 am, after which single trams will maintain a 30-minute frequency until the morning of 6th January, Epiphany.

Given that Epiphany Eve is typically one of the busiest days in the metropolitan area, Tenerife Tram will operate at full capacity to meet the increased demand for transport to shopping and leisure destinations.

Detailed Schedule for Trams during Tenerife’s Epiphany parade:

Tenerife's Epiphany parade: enjoy frequent double trams every 10 minutes!

Friday 5th January – Epiphany Eve:

  • Double trams will operate from the morning with a 10-minute frequency until 22:00, then every 12 minutes until 02:00 on Saturday.
  • Post-parade, Line 1 will revert to single trams with standard weekend schedules.

Service Adjustments:

  • The Weyler stop will be out of service from 18:00 due to the Three Wise Men’s Parade. Double trams will run between the Intercambiador and Teatro Guimerá stops, while the rest of Line 1 will operate from La Paz to La Trinidad in La Laguna.
  • Line 2 trams on Epiphany Eve will follow 10 and 12-minute intervals until midnight.

Saturday 6th January – Epiphany:

  • The tram service, operational all night, will adjust frequencies to 12, 15, and 30 minutes from 08:00 am to accommodate the holiday schedule.

For the remainder of the weekend, trams will follow their usual schedules and frequencies, including Line 1’s operational night service from Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th. To stay informed, users can visit the Metrotenerife website at or follow updates on Facebook, X @tranviatenerife (formerly Twitter), and Instagram.

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