International tourist arrivals in Canary Islands up 12.36% with €1.94 billion spend in November

In November, 1,331,754 international tourists arrived in the Canary Islands, indicating a 12.36% rise compared to the same period last year.

In November, the Canary Islands welcomed 1,331,754 international visitors, marking a 12.36% increase from the previous year. These tourists significantly contributed to the local economy, spending a total of €1,942.97 million, reflecting a substantial 16.42% rise. This period recorded the highest number for both arrivals and spending for November in the region’s history.

On average, each visitor spent €176 daily, a 5.75% increase from the previous year, staying for an average of 8.29 days. The total average expenditure per tourist was €1,459, up by 3.61% from the last year’s November.

From the beginning of the year until November, the Canary Islands saw 12,569,086 visitors, a 13.15% increase, who spent a total of €18,237.67 million, up by 15.61%.

Spain’s Record-Breaking Tourism

International tourist arrivals in Canary Islands up 12.36% with €1.94 billion spend in November

Spain is on track to set a new record for international tourist arrivals. In the first eleven months, the country hosted 79.8 million foreign tourists, an 18.2% increase from the previous year, with spending surpassing €101 billion. This recovery in tourism is anticipated to exceed pre-pandemic levels by the year’s end.

Spain welcomed 5.1 million international tourists in November alone, 18.6% more than the previous November and 10.5% above the same month in 2019. The UK led with nearly 1 million visitors, followed by France and Germany. Notable increases were seen from long-haul markets like the United States, reflecting the government’s strategy to attract tourists who stay longer and spend more.

International Tourist Accommodation Preferences and Spending Patterns

Over 3.1 million tourists chose hotels, up by 13.8%, while rented accommodations saw the largest growth at 39.5%. The number of tourists staying in owner-occupied homes and with friends or family also saw significant increases.

In November, international tourists spent a total of €6,653 million, a 23.6% increase from the previous year and 31.4% more than in November 2019. The average tourist spent €1,294, with a daily expenditure of €173. The majority of the spending was on international transport, activities, and accommodation.

Canary Islands among the most popular destinations

International tourist arrivals in Canary Islands up 12.36% with €1.94 billion spend in November

The Canary Islands were the most popular destination, followed by Catalonia and Andalusia. The Balearic Islands, Valencia, and Madrid saw the highest growth in visitor numbers.

Most spending occurred in the Canary Islands, Catalonia, and the Community of Madrid. Tourists primarily visited for leisure, with non-package tourists contributing significantly to the expenditure.

This comprehensive performance demonstrates the Canary Islands’ and Spain’s robust recovery and growth in the tourism sector, highlighting their appeal as top destinations for international visitors.

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