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What’s open in Tenerife during the Epiphany weekend?

Numerous services in Tenerife will experience changes to their regular opening hours.

While the Christmas season has concluded, the shopping frenzy in Tenerife will persist with the commencement of sales this weekend.

For those who’ve delayed their shopping, a preferred choice in the capital for the enchanting night is the Santa Cruz Flea Market. On Christmas Eve, the Rastro will extend its hours by two, opening at 08:30 on 5th January and closing at 04:00 on the 6th.

6th January

Tenerife during the Epiphany weekend

The Three Kings’ Day will see most large supermarkets and chains closed in observance of the holiday. Nevertheless, essential services like on-duty pharmacies, bakeries, 24-hour shops, and some dining establishments will remain accessible.

Also, expect to see health professionals, police, firefighters, and private security personnel on duty.

7th January

On this Sunday, typically closed for large supermarkets and chains unless authorized by the government, doors will open for the beginning of the sales.

Not just the tourist hotspots like Siam Mall, Rosa Center, or Martiánez shopping centre in Puerto de la Cruz will be open; larger stores like Alcampo La Laguna and El Corte Inglés will welcome shoppers for sales. Chains and franchises also have the green light to open, providing ample shopping opportunities in central locations.

Shopping Details in Tenerife

What's Open in Tenerife During the Epiphany Weekend?

While large outlets gear up for sales, small shops retain the liberty to set their own schedules. In tourist zones and shopping centers, some supermarkets will operate, and it’s advisable to check their websites for the most current information.

Health and Essentials

On-call pharmacies and those open 365 days will continue services, and the list of open pharmacies can be consulted by municipality. New bakery franchises and smaller bread sellers will also open.

24-hour shops and Dining

These smaller supermarkets maintain regular hours, and bars and cafés may open at the owner’s discretion, especially since restaurant numbers typically rise on Sundays.

Petrol Stations

Many will remain serviceable, but it’s wise to verify which ones will be open.

As Tenerife transitions from the festive Christmas period into the lively sales season, residents and visitors alike should stay informed about the varying opening hours and services available during this busy time.

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