Tenerife welcomes 433,576 visitors in November, marking a 5.9% increase

In November, Tenerife saw 433,576 guests in hotels and holiday flats, a 5.9% increase from November 2022.

In November, Tenerife saw a 5.9% increase in traveller arrivals, totalling 433,576, with both hotels and flats experiencing growth compared to November 2022. The total number of travellers accommodated reached 524,477, marking a 7.5% rise from the previous year and surpassing 2019’s figures by 10.3% for arrivals and 11.2% for accommodation.

Tourism Vice-President Lope Afonso heralded 2023 as a triumph for Tenerife’s tourism, highlighting the island’s full recovery post-pandemic and its status as a top destination. He emphasized the broadening focus on both traditional and emerging markets.

In November, hotels welcomed 79.1% of total travellers (342,786), up 5.6% from the previous year, while flats saw 90,790 travellers, a 7.0% increase. When compared to 2019, hotels enjoyed a 15.6% surge in visitors, while flats saw a 6% decrease.

Tenerife welcomes 433,576 visitors in November, marking a 5.9% increase

Tenerife accounted for 38.4% of the Canary Islands’ total traveller entries, leading the region. Other accommodation indicators also saw a rise, with 2,964,758 overnight stays in November, up 7.4% from 2022 and 7.7% from 2019. Hotels and flats both recorded increases in overnight stays from the previous year and 2019, with hotels seeing a 5.3% and 13.2% rise respectively, and flats improving by 13.9% from 2022.

Foreign travellers contributed 91.9% of total overnight stays, with the average stay in November reaching 6.84 days. Hotels and flats both saw changes in their average stays compared to the previous year and 2019. Occupancy rates for November stood at 77.8%, showing a significant increase from both 2022 and 2019. Hotels had an 81.7% occupancy rate, while flats reached 68%.

From January to November 2023, 4,756,623 travellers entered Tenerife’s tourist establishments, marking a 9.7% increase from the same period in the previous year. This data underscores Tenerife’s continued growth and appeal as a premier tourist destination.

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