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Updated weather forecast for the Canary Islands

According to the weather forecast in the Canary Islands, temperatures are expected to stay the same or experience a slight increase.

Today’s weather outlook for the Canary Islands suggests a mix of high cloud cover overall, with patches of low clouds in the north and east parts of the islands and some afternoon cloud development inland, according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

Expect temperatures to stay relatively stable or see a slight uptick, with the mercury hovering between a high of 23 degrees in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and San Sebastian de La Gomera, and a low of 13 degrees in Valverde.

Updated weather forecast for the Canary Islands

A generally light easterly breeze is forecasted, becoming moderate in the northwest and southeast extremities from midday onwards.

In the Las Palmas province, anticipate intervals of high clouds, a minor rise in temperatures, and temperatures varying from a high of 24 degrees to a low of 18 degrees.

Furthermore, the wind will be predominantly light to moderate, blowing from the northeast.

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