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The Canary Islands weather: calima returns to the islands

The possibility of light rainfall in the islands cannot be discounted.

On Sunday, January 14th, the Canary Islands can expect generally clear skies with a prevalence of high clouds, and there is a possibility of calima affecting the eastern province, as indicated by the forecast from the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

In the western islands, high clouds with occasional cloudy intervals will be the dominant weather pattern, with a slight chance of weak precipitation, particularly in La Palma.

Temperature-wise, there are not expected to be significant changes, with temperatures remaining notably high for this time of year. Additionally, moderate southerly winds are forecasted for Sunday. In the central summits of Tenerife, expect moderate to strong southwesterly winds.

The Canary Islands weather: calima returns to the islands

Maritime conditions indicate that at sea, there will be a south or southwesterly wind with a force of 3 or 4, locally reaching 5 on the east and northwest coasts. There might be some swell or locally higher waves. On the north coast, expect variable winds at a force of 2 with some swell. There will be westerly or northwesterly swell of 1 or 2 meters on the north coast and the extreme south.

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