A festive week in Arona: pilgrimage and celebrations continue with hot chocolate and verbenas

This deep-rooted celebration with more than four centuries of history is the star event of the town of Arona this week.

The historic fiestas in Arona, rooted in more than four centuries of tradition, are currently underway, offering both locals and visitors a vibrant showcase of Canarian culture. The celebrations, which began on January 11th and will continue until January 17th, honour San Antonio Abad and bring the community together in a spirited display of local customs and festivities.

The fiestas commenced on Thursday, January 11th, with the ceremonial hoisting of the municipal flag at the San Antonio Cross, signifying the start of a series of religious and popular events. This symbolic act marked the beginning of a week filled with vibrant activities, each reflecting the rich heritage of Arona.

Already passed but still fresh in the memory of attendees is the enchanting Gala for the Election of the Romera Mayor, which took place on the evening of January 11th. This was followed by the much-anticipated Baile de Magos, a traditional dance in honour of San Antonio Abad, that brought the community together in a night of folklore and celebration.

The XVII Festival Verodal, held on Saturday, January 13th, was a highlight, featuring performances from renowned folk groups that captivated the audience. The night continued with a lively dance in the town square, further elevating the festive spirit.

A Festive week in Arona: pilgrimage and celebrations continue with hot chocolate and verbenas

ARONA: Pilgrimage, Animal Blessings, and Street Party

Today, January 14th, the agenda is packed with exciting activities. A Crafts Fair starts the day, followed by a sung mass and the traditional pilgrimage at midday, a vibrant event that celebrates Arona’s agrarian roots and devotion to San Antonio Abad. During the pilgrimage, a special animal blessing ceremony takes place, a beloved tradition among locals. The festivities will continue into the evening with performances by the orchestras Wamampy and Nueva Línea.

More to Come: Folklore, Traditional Activities, and a Hot Chocolate Celebration

Looking ahead, the fiestas will continue with workshops, exhibitions, and children’s folklore performances, leading up to a mass, procession, and a hot chocolate party with fireworks on Wednesday, January 17th. These events offer a unique opportunity to delve into the heart of Canarian culture.

Celebrating History and Strengthening Community Bonds

The mayoress of Arona, Fátima Lemes, highlights the festival’s role in preserving traditions and strengthening community ties. Similarly, the Councillor for Festivities, Alexis David Gómez, emphasises the significance of these fiestas in maintaining the region’s historical and cultural identity, while also attracting tourist interest. The Arona Town Council has meticulously prepared for these celebrations, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees.

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