World Croquette Day: trying this popular dish with an original Canarian sauce

The irresistible allure of croquettes lies in their creamy filling, the diverse range available - each with its unique tricks and preferences - and the delightful texture that makes this popular dish a near temptation.

The esteemed Royal Spanish Academy describes a croquette as “a portion of dough, typically round or oval, crafted from minced ham, meat, fish, egg, or other ingredients, bound together with béchamel sauce, encased in batter, and deep-fried in plenty of oil”. Originating from France, this dish has become a staple in Spanish households. Remarkably, it even has its own global day of celebration, set for tomorrow, Tuesday 16 January.

The appeal of the croquette is multifaceted: its creamy interior, the diverse range that exists – with each person having their unique techniques and preferences -, its delightful texture, and the simplicity of its consumption render it nearly irresistible. Adding to its charm, a restaurant in the Canary Islands has taken the innovation a step further by pairing it with a sauce that features a flavour from one of the archipelago’s most beloved beverages.

La Croquetería de Moya, a distinguished eatery in the Islands, offers its patrons a unique sauce infused with strawberry Clipper, the emblematic drink that enjoys immense popularity in the region. “La Croquetería de Moya is the only place where you can enjoy Clipper sauce”, the restaurant proudly declared on Instagram on 30 October.

World Croquette Day: trying this popular dish with an original Canarian sauce


Clipper is predominantly celebrated for its strawberry flavour and for being an integral part of Canarian culture since its debut in the 1950s. It stands as an iconic Canarian product, to the extent that it’s often affectionately dubbed the “national soft drink” of the Islands.

Produced by Compañía de Bebidas Pepsico S.L., Clipper has maintained its original recipe, incorporating carbonated water, sugar, and natural flavourings, among other components. While the classic strawberry flavour remains a favourite, Clipper has expanded its range to include other varieties over time.

More than just a beverage for its taste, Clipper resonates with Canarians as a symbol of their regional identity. It’s a familiar presence at festivities, family gatherings, and is widely available in bars, restaurants, and supermarkets across the archipelago.

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