Cinema productions contribute €103 million to Tenerife’s economy in 2023

For the first time, German cinema productions now outnumber Spanish productions - 36 to 35 - while in third place are British productions with a total of 21.

In the past year, cinema filming made a significant economic impact of 103 million euros, marking a nearly 2% increase, and this impact was the result of a total of 163 productions, as revealed in the latest figures released by the Tenerife Film Commission this week.

The details of this achievement were presented during a press conference featuring key figures in the industry, including the Vice President and Councillor for Tourism of the Island Council of Tenerife, Lope Afonso, the CEO of Tenerife Tourism, Dimple Melwani, and the Director of the Tenerife Film Commission, Ricardo Martinez.

According to data from the Tenerife Film Commission, these audiovisual productions also contributed by accumulating a total of 990 filming days. Notably, for the first time, German productions surpassed Spanish productions, with a count of 36 compared to 35, while British productions secured the third position with a total of 21 projects.

The impact of these productions extended beyond the economic realm, as they generated nearly 3,281 jobs in various technical and artistic positions, with an additional 2,867 jobs provided to extras.

Cinema productions contribute €103 million to Tenerife's economy in 2023

Afonso emphasized that Tenerife is now a recognized “benchmark” in the audiovisual industry and an “ideal set” for filming, which has led to significant economic growth. He pointed out that the economic impact had risen dramatically, with figures in 2015 being a mere 19 million euros.

He also highlighted the growth of the Tenerife Film Commission, with 14 more companies joining, and the increasing presence of US productions, featuring actors like Gerald Butler and directors such as Guy Ritchie, which has contributed to enhancing the island’s tourism promotion. Additionally, European animated series like ‘Ladybug’ and advertisements for the Yves Saint Laurent brand further boosted Tenerife’s profile.

As a complement to outdoor filming, plans are already underway for the creation of the ‘city of cinema’ in Adeje, a project of strategic significance supported by the Island Council, aimed at diversifying the island’s economy.

Melwani pointed out that the audiovisual sector has experienced significant growth on the island, leading Tenerife to become a top destination for filming. She also highlighted the increasing job opportunities in the industry, prompting the establishment of training courses in areas such as directing, scripting, location scouting, architecture, and graphic design, ensuring that local production companies have the skilled personnel required for productions.

The significance of tax incentives in attracting filming was acknowledged, as they serve to offset the challenges posed by the island’s geographical remoteness and fragmentation. Despite some setbacks due to strikes in the United States, 2023 was seen as a positive year, with promising forecasts for 2024.

While most filming doesn’t necessarily take place in Tenerife, the island’s versatility as a filming location was emphasized, with the exception being skiing-related themes.

The animation subsector has also seen growth, thanks in part to robust tax incentives, with foreign companies establishing themselves in Tenerife, creating sustainable employment opportunities.

In 2023, Tenerife hosted international feature films such as “Den of Thieves 2” with Gerard Butler and “ISLA/UGPR” directed by Guy Ritchie. Notable series included “The Assesment” and “La Palma” from Germany, “STAGs,” and “Für immer Sommer.” Among the national films were “Padres,” “La bandera,” “Odio el verano,” and “Disco Ibiza Locomía.” Spanish series included “Camilo Superstar” and “Una vida menos en Canarias.”

The island was also chosen as a filming location for television programs like “Wasserspieler” for the RTL channel and “Germany’s Next Topmodel,” featuring Heidi Klum, in addition to various commercials for brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Glasgow, Volkswagen, Tezenis, Merrel, and Nivea, with the support of local production companies.

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