Spain’s oldest grand hotel, The Taoro, set to reopen by year’s end

The renovation of the iconic The Taoro in Puerto de la Cruz will be a highlight for the Tenerife Cabildo at Fitur, where the Canary Islands will showcase their 2023 tourism figures, including 16 million visitors.

Lope Afonso, the Island Councillor for Tourism, has confirmed that the refurbishment of the historic Taoro Hotel in Puerto de la Cruz, which commenced in January 2023, will be completed by the end of this year.

This renovation of the iconic establishment is one of the exciting updates that the Tenerife Cabildo will unveil at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur), as stated by Afonso during a press conference to provide insights into the matters discussed at the last Governing Council meeting.

In this context, he took the opportunity to provide a glimpse of the key initiatives that Turismo de Tenerife will showcase at Fitur. Among them is the Gran Hotel Taoro project in Puerto de la Cruz, a long-term lease undertaken by the Cabildo back in 2019. Afonso emphasized that this project is finally nearing completion, making it an ideal moment to present it comprehensively at this international fair, providing visitors with a preview of its appearance when finished.

Spain's oldest grand hotel, The Taoro, set to reopen by year's end

Afonso highlighted the importance of promoting a tourist infrastructure that, while privately managed, is rooted in the public heritage of the people of Tenerife, embodied by the former Taoro hotel. This initiative aims to attract a high-quality customer base to the city’s accommodation and enhance the potential for tourism profitability in the northern part of the island.

The Taoro building, known for being the first luxury hotel in Spain, gained worldwide fame. It closed its doors in 1975 and was later repurposed as a casino in 1978. In 2006, it was relocated to the Lago Martiánez area to improve accessibility for leisure activities.

Designed by the French architect Adolphe Coquet, the hotel was a must-visit for tourists drawn to its splendid gardens and majestic architecture. Distinguished guests, including Spanish royalty like Alfonso XIII, the Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII), renowned author Agatha Christie, and the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Konrad Adenauer, have all stayed at the Taoro. However, the outbreak of the Great War, followed by the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War, disrupted the tourism boom in the Canary Islands, impacting the Taoro, which never fully regained its former glory.

The business, cultural, and creative sectors, as well as the local Corporation, have been closely involved in the rehabilitation and hotel management process.

Spain's oldest grand hotel, The Taoro, set to reopen by year's end

The City Council and Tropical Hoteles, the parent company of My Way Hotels and the concessionaire Tropical Turística Canaria responsible for the Gran Hotel Taoro refurbishment, jointly presented the hotel management project model to various stakeholders in the city. The project aims to establish the Gran Hotel Taoro as not only a hotel but also a social and cultural reference point for both travelers and residents, with a strong commitment to being an integral part of the city’s unique identity that sets it apart from other destinations.

The Mayor, Marco González, highlighted the significant efforts of Tropical Hotels and My Way Hotels in transforming this establishment. Additionally, the Sustainable City Councillor, David Hernández, expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts between the company, the Cabildo, and the City Council in overcoming technical challenges associated with such a substantial project.

In the evening, the city’s business community and the creative and cultural sectors were invited to attend two presentations of this crucial project at the Espacio Cultural Castillo San Felipe. Since its reopening, the Gran Hotel Taoro aims to become a landmark within the experiences offered by Puerto de la Cruz as a destination.

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