Diego Schattenhofer to speak about edible perfumes at Madrid Fusión

Madrid Fusión, scheduled for the end of the month, will feature Carmen Capote, who will share her passion for chocolate during the event.

As is customary, the island of Tenerife will be an active participant in the upcoming Madrid Fusión Food from Spain exhibition, which is scheduled to take place at Ifema in the Spanish capital from January 29th to 31st. While the full schedule of activities from the Island Council of Tenerife, through the areas of Tourism and the primary sector, is yet to be unveiled, some chefs’ participation in this year’s edition has already been announced through the organization’s talk program.

One of the notable chefs scheduled to make an appearance is Diego Schattenhofer, the executive chef of Taste 1973 (Hotel Villa Cortés). Schattenhofer, originally from Argentina but a resident of Tenerife for the past 20 years, is renowned for his deep understanding of Canarian cuisine and its unique ingredients, particularly goat meat and “tablet” (a type of cheese).

He has conducted extensive research in these areas and received recognition, including the Best Restaurant #Consume Canario award at the XXXVII DIARIO DE AVISOS Gastronomy Awards in 2022. He will be delivering a presentation titled ‘Unprecedented Edible Perfumes, Disruptive Emotions’ in the Ifema Auditorium on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 30th.

Additionally, chefs Samuel Naveira from the Mu-Na restaurant in Ponferrada, León, and Borja Marrero from Muxgo, located in the Santa Catalina Hotel in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, will be sharing their culinary expertise. They will delve into topics such as gastronomy, sustainability, and creative use of leftovers. Marrero is another distinguished presence at Madrid Fusión, holding the #Consume Canario distinction, which was awarded at the XXXV DIARIO DE AVISOS Gastronomy Awards.

Diego Schattenhofer to speak about edible perfumes at Madrid Fusión
Carmen Capote. DA

Carmen Capote, the owner and chef of 24 Onzas in Madrid, is set to offer an engaging talk titled ‘Por Amor al Chocolate’ (For the Love of Chocolate). Capote, who initially pursued a career in finance, later embarked on a culinary journey in France, where she excelled at Le Cordon Bleu. Her passion for chocolate was instilled by her father, and she has created exclusive and signature chocolate and bonbon creations in her workshop. Among her accolades, she received the Manuel Iglesias award at the 36th DIARIO DE AVISOS Gastronomy Awards in 2021.

In collaboration with Madrid Fusión, the Island Council of Tenerife, through Turismo de Tenerife and the Primary Sector Department, is hosting the 4th National Mojos Cooking Competition, harmonized with Tenerife wines. This competition focuses on mojo, the distinctive and internationally recognized sauce of Tenerife and the Canary Islands. The goal is to showcase the rich and versatile world of mojos in Spain, highlighting both traditional and contemporary applications of this sauce.

Participants have until January 15th to submit their recipes to, and the six finalists will present their creations live during one of the Madrid Fusión event days, held at the end of January. This culinary challenge aims to demonstrate the infinite possibilities of mojo sauce with various ingredients, paired harmoniously with the exceptional Wines of Tenerife.

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