A trendy destination in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: over 86,000 visitors and counting

This park stands as the sole landscaped mountain along the coastal edge of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, offering captivating viewpoints that afford breathtaking vistas of the sea, the city, and the majestic Anaga mountain range.

In 2023, a remarkable total of 86,429 individuals graced the Palmetum in Santa Cruz de Tenerife with their presence, marking a noteworthy achievement for the city council of the Tenerife capital. This remarkable figure represents a striking 19 percent increase compared to the previous year, firmly establishing a new record.

The Palmetum has evolved into nothing short of a municipal treasure, housing the most extensive palm tree collection in Europe. It has ingeniously transformed a former landfill site into a haven for leisure and botanical enlightenment. Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, in a statement, proudly proclaimed it as “one of the landmark facilities” of the municipality.

Mayor Bermúdez also unveiled exciting plans for the near future, including the construction of a dedicated bird-watching area, new pathways, and a serene lake. These enhancements promise to provide an additional layer of allure for visitors, adding to the already enchanting experience.

The trendy destination in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: over 86,000 visitors and counting

It’s worth noting that this 12-hectare botanical garden was inaugurated by the then Spanish princes, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia, and is now celebrating its remarkable tenth anniversary. Mayor Bermúdez emphasized its uniqueness as a world-class project, boasting breathtaking vegetation and benefiting from collaborations with numerous institutions worldwide.

Moreover, this extraordinary hub of leisure and botanical appreciation has garnered well-deserved recognition over the past decade. Awards and accreditations, including the Dubai International Award for Best Practices, the Traveller’s Choice 2023 for the eighth consecutive year, and the Sicted certificate for tourism quality in the destination, reflect its exceptional contributions.

Situated as the sole landscaped mountain along the coastal region of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Palmetum offers picturesque viewpoints that showcase breathtaking vistas of the sea, the city, and the Anaga mountain range.

Since 2007, the Palmetum has adhered to ecological principles, eliminating the use of herbicides and phytosanitary products. Pest control is meticulously managed through pressure washing and sound cultivation practices. Notably, none of the birds inhabiting the botanical garden have been introduced, underscoring how this once barren terrain has transformed into a supportive habitat for bird life, creating a thriving ecosystem.

The Palmetum is home to approximately 90 bird species that either reside or pass through the botanical garden. Species such as kestrels, alpispas, or tabobos can be observed throughout the year, selecting this garden as a secure nesting site, adding to its ecological significance.

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