Navigating to Plaza Weyler during Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival set to be challenging

The street festivities in Tenerife's capital will commence on Friday, 9th February, marked by the inaugural parade, which will make navigation to Plaza Weyler more complicated than ever.

A clear indication that the Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is drawing near is the preparation of the city’s streets, highlighted by the sectioning off of specific areas to safeguard them against the influx of thousands expected to flock to various locales within the city for the grand festivities.

Plaza Weyler, a key site within the celebrations, will this year be encircled by an unusually extensive barrier. This measure aims to shield the fountain and bandstand from potential harm amidst ongoing renovation efforts, consequently making entry to the plaza notably more challenging.

Navigating to Plaza Weyler during Santa Cruz Carnival set to be more challenging than before

The carnival revelry in Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s streets is set to commence on Friday, 9th February, following the ceremonial parade. This event is scheduled to begin at 20:00, initiating from Plaza de la República Dominicana. The unique event of the burial of the sardine is slated for Wednesday, 14th February, aligning with Saint Valentine’s Day, with the Piñata celebration occurring over the subsequent weekend.

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