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The calima in the Canary Islands anticipated to subside today

Temperatures in the Canary Islands are set to remain stable or experience a slight decrease, with highs reaching 26 degrees Celsius and lows at 17ºC.

On Monday, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) provided an update regarding the recent calima phenomenon that has impacted the Canary Islands, particularly the western province, over the past few days. Aemet stated that this calima episode is expected to gradually subside starting on Monday. However, it’s important to note that suspended dust particles in the archipelago may continue to be present until the middle of the week.

Aemet’s forecast for the Canary Islands indicates that the prevailing weather conditions will be characterized by clear skies, with the exception of some cloudy intervals anticipated during the first half of the day on the northern slopes of the western province.

The Calima in the Canary Islands anticipated to subside today

In terms of temperatures, there won’t be significant changes, with daytime highs reaching a maximum of 26 degrees Celsius and nighttime lows settling around 17ºC.

Wind patterns are expected to feature light northeast winds across the region in general, occasionally reaching moderate strength along the southeastern and northwestern coasts. In the higher mountain areas and midlands, a gentle and variable wind direction is forecasted to prevail.

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