The top 4 truly Canarian croquettes

The traditional Canarian flavours have also found their way into croquettes.

Croquettes, widely cherished by food enthusiasts globally, are celebrated in January during the World Croquette Day, a special occasion dedicated to this popular dish. The popularity of croquettes stems from the vast array of varieties available and their incredible versatility, making them a favorite for many.

The Canary Islands, known for their unique culinary traditions, have also made a significant contribution to the world of croquettes. Recently, not only have traditional Canarian sauces been used to accompany them, but some of the archipelago’s most characteristic flavours have been creatively incorporated into the croquettes themselves. This innovation showcases the rich culinary heritage of the Canary Islands and adds a distinct regional twist to this beloved food.


The top 4 quintessentially Canarian croquettes

Almogrote Croquettes: Originating from La Gomera, almogrote is a spread traditionally made with cured cheese, garlic, and oil. This flavourful blend has now been creatively incorporated into croquettes. While the texture in the croquette form is more liquid than the traditional spread, it retains the distinctive taste of the original almogrote.

Escaldón Croquettes: Escaldón, a dish deeply rooted in Tenerife but enjoyed across the Canary Islands, has made its way into the world of croquettes. Key ingredients like gofio, broth, and ribs are mixed into a béchamel sauce, then breaded and fried, transforming the traditional escaldón into a delightful croquette form.

Chorizo from Teror Croquettes: The famous croquetería in Moya, Gran Canaria, is known for its wide array of croquette flavours. Among the most popular are those featuring the renowned chorizo from the village of Teror. These croquettes embody the unique taste of one of the Canary Islands’ most celebrated sausages.

Canarian Stew Croquettes: Also hailing from the same establishment in Gran Canaria, these croquettes take inspiration from the traditional Canarian stew, ‘puchero canario’. Incorporating all the elements of the stew, these croquettes successfully translate another classic Canarian dish into a bite-sized delicacy, continuing the trend of culinary innovation.

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