Tenerife hotel ranked No. 2 for best breakfast in Spain

"Breakfasts play a crucial role for hotels as they serve as our initial impression."

Studies emphasize the significance of breakfast, yet the hotel industry often overlooks this vital meal. In an effort to recognize and encourage Spanish hotels that prioritize providing an exceptional morning meal, Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España and Binter airline have introduced the award for the Best Hotel Breakfast.

Increasingly, hotels are according breakfast its due importance, sourcing the finest ingredients, meticulously preparing culinary delights, and ensuring attentive service in dedicated dining spaces to offer guests a complete breakfast experience. As Carlos Hernández, the award’s presenter, aptly stated, “Breakfasts are important for hotels because they are our first calling card.” Madrid Fusión aims to champion excellent breakfasts since they serve as an initial touchpoint for all guests.

This award, sponsored by Binter, aligns with the airline’s commitment to providing passengers with a gastronomic experience during their flights. Miguel Ángel Suárez, the airline’s commercial and marketing director, announced expanded flight connections to the Canary Islands, emphasizing their dedication to culinary excellence.

Tenerife hotel ranked second for best breakfast in Spain

Among those vying for the title of the best breakfast in Spain, Finca Cortesín in Casares, Málaga, claims the top spot. Renowned for its morning offerings, this establishment serves breakfast à la carte, eschewing the traditional buffet format. Lutz Bösing, an enthusiastic representative, highlighted their use of premium ingredients, a dedicated team of 12 to 15 staff members in the dining area, six skilled cooks, and an unwavering commitment to fulfilling guests’ breakfast desires.

Finca Cortesín’s award-winning breakfast boasts a range of delectable offerings, including homemade pastries, top-quality eggs, freshly peeled fruit salads, made-to-order fruit juices, freshly baked pastries, and house-cured meats. Iberian ham, unique juices, and Eggs Benedict prepared with their own puff pastry and locally sourced eggs are also signature items. This sumptuous experience is priced at 48 euros for non-hotel guests, with optional supplements for premium items like fruit or caviar.

The second-place honour went to the Royal Hideaway Corales Beach in La Caleta, Tenerife, while the inaugural Best Hotel Breakfast award was secured by Ibiza Gran Hotel on the island of Ibiza.

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