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Titsa enhances bus services for Carnival week: timetables and routes announced

The public bus company will offer an extra 4,200 journeys across the island.

Titsa is set to implement a comprehensive special reinforcement plan to accommodate the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival, resulting in an increase of over 272,000 available bus seats. Between February 9th and 18th, the company will provide an extra 4,200 bus journeys, including those for the Santa Cruz urban service.

With a focus on meeting the heightened demand for public transportation during the Carnival, Titsa will reinforce 19 routes connecting Santa Cruz de Tenerife with various parts of the island.

Interchange schedules will also see adjustments during this period. The Santa Cruz and La Laguna interchanges will operate 24 hours a day on Fridays, Saturdays, and Carnival Monday. Additionally, on February 11th, 13th, and 14th, they will remain open until 3:00 am, and on the last Sunday of Carnival, February 18th, they will close at midnight.

Reinforcement of Bus Service on Carnival nights

Titsa enhances bus services for Carnival week: timetables and routes announced

Special services will be introduced on lines 014 and 015, which link Santa Cruz de Tenerife with La Laguna throughout the night.

The lines experiencing significant reinforcements during nighttime hours include:

  • 102 (Santa Cruz – Puerto de la Cruz with stops)
  • 104 (Santa Cruz – Tacoronte – La Orotava)
  • 108 (Los Realejos – Santa Cruz link)
  • 10 (Santa Cruz – San Isidro – South Airport)
  • 112 (Santa Cruz – Los Cristianos)
  • 111 (Santa Cruz – Costa Adeje with stops)
  • 711 (Santa Cruz – Costa Adeje by night)
  • 120 and 128 (Santa Cruz – Güímar)
  • 122 (Santa Cruz – Candelaria)
  • 050 (La Laguna-Punta del Hidalgo)
  • Santa Cruz urban lines 232, 908, 933, 934, 939, 972, and 975.

For Carnival Day and Coso, Titsa is also intensifying its services. On February 11th and 17th, specific lines will adhere to their weekday schedules with additional capacity.

On February 13th, the day of the Coso, various lines will operate with reinforced weekday timetables. Line 104, which experiences reinforcement during Carnival, will not pass through the La Laguna interchange on this day in either direction.

A dedicated service has been designed for the Burial of the Sardine on February 14th, with reinforced lines including 014, 015, 050, 232, 120, 122, 128, 232, 233, 908, and 934.

A safe journey

Titsa has also established a security system at the Santa Cruz de Tenerife and La Laguna interchanges, collaborating with State Security Forces and emergency health systems to ensure the safety and proper operation of the service. Comprehensive timetables can be accessed through the Titsa website, helpline at 922.53.13.00, and the company’s social media channels.

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