Canaryfly empowers travellers with permanent 5 euro tickets

This fare by Canaryfly will only be accessible for bookings made one month or more in advance and is subject to limited seat availability for each flight.

The Canary Islands-based airline, Canaryfly, has introduced a groundbreaking pricing policy, offering passengers the opportunity to purchase tickets at a permanent rate of just five euros when booking their flights one month or more in advance. This strategic move is aimed at providing travelers with an affordable and easily accessible option, addressing the financial challenges prevalent in today’s society.

In the past, these reduced fares were only accessible during specific promotional weeks. However, Canaryfly has now made the decision to extend this exceptional cost-saving opportunity to its customers on an ongoing basis, until the allocated fare quotas for each flight are depleted.

Canaryfly offers tickets for five euros permanently

Jon Ramsden, Canaryfly’s Commercial, Marketing, and Communications Director, emphasized the airline’s commitment to leading the way in affordable air travel, especially during a period of rising living costs and a continuously increasing Consumer Price Index (CPI). He stated that Canaryfly is dedicated to “pioneering affordability in air travel.” This initiative underscores the company’s dedication to ensuring that travel remains economical for all, even in the face of challenging economic circumstances.

This innovative approach not only benefits frequent flyers but also reinforces a positive image for the company amid a challenging economic climate for families. Canaryfly’s dedication to democratizing air travel showcases a customer-centric philosophy and a strong commitment to the community.

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