Here are all the Santa Cruz Carnival’s street performances: dates, times, and locations

The Santa Cruz Carnival concerts are set to commence today, Friday, starting at 00:00 hours with Orquesta Revelación performing at Plaza de la Candelaria.

The City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, represented by the Autonomous Organism of Festivities, unveiled the comprehensive program for the upcoming Street Carnival during a presentation on Tuesday. This festive extravaganza will seamlessly blend cherished festive traditions such as the Burial of the Sardine, the Anunciadora Parade, Ritmo y Armonía, El Coso, and the Day and Night Carnival concerts across three stages situated in the Quadrilátero. Festivities are scheduled to kick off today, Friday 9th, and will continue through Sunday 18th February.

Mayor José Manuel Bermúdez underscored the municipality’s enduring support for Canarian musicians, reaffirming their commitment to local talent by engaging over 400 musicians for Carnival events. Additionally, numerous local businesses will contribute essential services to ensure the smooth execution of the celebrations amidst the backdrop of recent health challenges.


Here are all the Santa Cruz Carnival's street performances: dates, times, and locations

Opening festivities commence on Friday, the 9th, with the Opening Cavalcade parading through the bustling streets of the city centre, commencing at 19:30 from Avenida de Bélgica and winding through iconic locales until its culmination at Avenida Marítima. Simultaneously, vibrant musical performances will grace stages across the city, featuring artists such as Orquesta Revelación, Timbara, Renzzo El Selector, and others, offering a diverse array of musical genres to captivate street party-goers.

Saturday, the 10th, promises a continuation of the revelry with adult and children’s murgas performances at Plaza de La Candelaria, alongside spirited presentations by Orquesta Acapulco, Orquesta Tropin, and Orquesta Sonora Olimpia. Rondallas will enchant audiences in the Prince’s Square, while Francisco La Roche will resonate with lively musical acts and contests, culminating in pulsating DJ sets to keep the Carnival spirit alive.


Here are all the Santa Cruz Carnival's street performances: dates, times, and locations

Sunday, the 11th, heralds the Daytime Carnival, where families adorned in festive attire will fill the streets, accompanied by dynamic stage performances featuring renowned DJs and orchestras. Plaza de la Candelaria will host a jubilant tribute to the timeless anthem “Santa Cruz en Carnaval,” alongside captivating musical acts throughout the day. Meanwhile, Plaza del Príncipe and Francisco La Roche stages will offer an eclectic lineup of performers, ensuring Carnival enthusiasts of all ages find something to enjoy.

The festivities continue into the following days with a plethora of performances, including murgas, orchestras, and choreographic displays, showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of the Canary Islands. Notable highlights include the Burial of the Sardine procession, the CarnaDrag spectacle, and international performances by acclaimed artists like Luis Fonsi and Joseph Fonseca.

As the Carnival draws to a close on Sunday, the 18th, the Senior Carnival in Plaza de La Candelaria will provide a fitting conclusion, featuring the spirited rhythms of Orquesta Banda Loca. Meanwhile, traditional concerts in Plaza del Príncipe will offer a nostalgic farewell to yet another memorable Carnival season, ensuring that the spirit of celebration lingers long after the festivities conclude.

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