Santa Cruz during carnival: nearly 3,000 euros for a hotel weekend stay

As the highly anticipated Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival began last Friday, taking over the streets, accommodation demand has surged to unprecedented levels, resulting in a notable rise in prices.

Hotels, tourist apartments, and holiday rentals across the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife are nearing full occupancy, with the remaining available properties significantly increasing their rates.

Data from an accommodation search portal reveals that among the limited options left in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, some of the steepest prices are approaching 3,000 euros.

Nearly 3,000 euros for a weekend stay in Santa Cruz during Carnival

This pricing was discovered during a search for accommodation for two individuals over a Carnival weekend in February, uncovering two options near the Guimerá Theatre in the city centre priced at 2,760 and 2,746 euros, respectively.

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