Your complete guide to the Indianos celebration in La Palma

Starting at 10 am, the Plaza de España in Santa Cruz de La Palma will transform into Havana with the arrival of La Negra Tomasa and the Indianos.

The Santa Cruz de La Palma Town Hall has curated a unique day on Sunday, 11th February, specifically for the youth, to acquaint them with the renowned Los Indianos festival. This family-oriented morning offers an array of activities including games, workshops, and music, celebrating the festival’s rich traditions and the Indian heritage.

This year, the festivities were relocated from Plaza de España to Avenida Marítima, transforming it into a vibrant hub for the younger generation of ‘indianitos and indianitas’ from across La Palma to immerse in joy, fun, and the customary talcum powder, all while donning traditional costumes.

The event serves as a prelude to the grand Desembarco de Los Indianos, with Sunday afternoon setting the stage for “Orillas del Son” festival from 19:00, featuring music that bridges cultures, including performances by DJ Membé, Son de Almizcle, Orillas del Son, Iván Antonio, “El sonero de Cuba”, and Khadim Gueye.

Agenda for Monday, 12th February 2024: Disembarkation of the Indianos at Santa Cruz de La Palma

Your complete guide to the Indianos celebration in La Palma

  • At 10:00, La Negra Tomasa and her family make their grand entrance at Santa Cruz de La Palma port to the rhythm of the conga.
  • By 10:20, La Negra Tomasa reaches the Carnival Central Precinct stage, Avenida Marítima.
  • At 10:30, a parody event “La Espera” takes place at the atrium of the Town Hall.

Plaza de España Activities

Your complete guide to the Indianos celebration in La Palma

  • Plaza de España becomes the focal point for the morning’s festivities, with live music by Orillas del Son starting at 11:30.
  • The renaming of Plaza de España to Plaza de La Habana will be commemorated after midday, attended by notable dignitaries.
  • The arrival of ‘La Negra Tomasa’ will mark the plaza’s renaming, followed by performances from various groups and artists throughout the day.

Additional Locations and Performances

Your complete guide to the Indianos celebration in La Palma

  • Santo Domingo Square, Alameda Square, and the Central Area on Marítima Avenue will host a range of performances, celebrating the carnival spirit with music from DJ Membé, Troveros de Asieta, Septeto Palmero, Changó, and many more.
  • The celebration continues into the night with a popular verbena, featuring performances by Tropicana’s and ACuatro Orchestras and concluding with DJ Equis at 04:00.

This detailed itinerary showcases the blend of tradition and festivity that defines the Los Indianos celebration, inviting participants of all ages to partake in the cultural heritage and joyous spirit of the carnival.

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