Shibui: a premier Japanese restaurant in Tenerife elevating culinary standards

At Shibui, Chef David Arauz showcases his expertise and craftsmanship as an 'itamae', while sommelier Álvaro Prieto delights with a meticulously curated wine collection.

Shibui, the distinguished Japanese restaurant envisioned by Chef David Arauz, has triumphantly opened its doors at Paseo Milicias Street in Garachico, taking over the space formerly occupied by Kazan. From the outset, Shibui has been met with overwhelming success, a testament to the burgeoning interest in Japanese cuisine and Shibui’s commitment to excellence, setting it apart in a league of its own.

The restaurant is the collaborative effort of Arauz, sommelier Álvaro Prieto, and Canary Islands entrepreneur Marcos Werth, dedicated to offering authentic flavours, shunning processed offerings, and sourcing the finest ingredients.

Arauz is well-known in Tenerife, having earned his first Michelin star at Abama Kabuki in Guía de Isora before laying the groundwork for Kazan in Santa Cruz, which also received a Michelin star. His venture into Madrid with 99 KO Sushi Bar ended prematurely due to the pandemic, but he quickly rebounded with Zuara, earning acclaim and a Michelin recognition within a year.

The partnership with Álvaro Prieto dates back to their days at Abama de Guía de Isora, a bond that has now extended to Zuara and Shibui. Prieto’s experience spans prestigious establishments like Hotel Puerta América and Club Allard.

Shibui: a premier Japanese restaurant in Tenerife elevating culinary standards

Although Arauz and Prieto will not manage Shibui’s daily operations, they played a pivotal role during its launch, engaging with media and refining the gastronomic direction alongside Chef Gerardo Cruz, a veteran in Madrid’s elite Japanese culinary scene.

Arauz, renowned as Spain’s leading ‘itamae’ (sushi master), has long harboured plans to return to Tenerife, considering it his secondary home. The menu, designed to elevate the standard of Japanese dining, aims to acquaint itself with the local palate while offering a refined wine selection tailored to customer preferences.

The opening showcased Shibui’s culinary ambition with exquisite dishes like sautéed edamame, mackerel usuzukuri with jalapeño cream, and tuna tartare with fried egg foam, each underscoring the commitment to premium ingredients. This was followed by prawn gyozas with a spicy kick, and Arauz’s signature nigiri featuring an array of high-quality seafood and meats.

The wine selection, curated to complement Arauz’s dishes, featured standout bottles such as the cava Alta Alella Mirgin Opus 2018, a Kerner from Northern Italy, a 2018 Mineral German Riesling Trocken, and a vintage 1989 from Bodegas El Lomo, Tegueste, enhancing the dining experience.

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