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Weather forecast for Piñata weekend in the Canary Islands

According to Aemet's forecast, the Canary Islands are under a yellow weather warning.

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has forecasted that this Saturday, the weather conditions across the Canary Islands will range from cloudy to clear skies, accompanied by a rise in temperatures, particularly noticeable on the more elevated, mountainous islands. Additionally, there will be a presence of strong trade winds, which are expected to intensify, reaching very strong gusts.

A yellow warning has been issued due to the anticipated very strong gusts impacting Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and La Palma. This warning will expand to include the highlands of Gran Canaria and the remainder of the islands starting from noon.

The forecast predicts that the trade winds will generate maximum gusts reaching up to 70 km/h, predominantly affecting the lower and coastal regions on the southeastern slopes of Gran Canaria and Tenerife, as well as the southern coastal areas, high grounds, and the area around El Paso in La Palma. In these specific locations, gusts could escalate to as much as 80 km/h.

Weather forecast for Piñata weekend in the Canary Islands

On the other islands, wind gusts are expected to reach speeds of 70 km/h, primarily impacting the coastal and inland regions on the eastern and southern flanks.

Regarding maritime conditions, Aemet anticipates a northeast wind blowing at speeds between 50 and 61 km/h (equivalent to force 7 on the Beaufort scale), which may occasionally increase to between 62 and 73 km/h (force 8), especially to the south of Tenerife. Additionally, there is an expected combined north swell, with wave heights ranging from 4 to 5 metres anticipated in La Palma and El Hierro starting from the night.

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