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The Canary Islands: unfavourable weather conditions due to calima

Winds in the Canary Islands could also blow with very strong gusts.

Today’s weather forecast for the Canary Islands suggests predominantly clear skies with some cloudy intervals in the lower northern regions of the islands, accompanied by calima (haze) that will move from the east to the west, according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

At lower elevations, there will be a slight increase in temperatures, while higher inland areas will see little to no change. Temperature readings are expected to vary, reaching up to a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Santa Cruz de La Palma, and dropping to a minimum of 15 degrees in Valverde.

The trade winds are anticipated to be strong, with intermittent bursts of very strong gusts affecting the northwest and southeast slopes of the islands, particularly during the morning. These winds are expected to shift eastward across the midlands and peaks starting in the early morning hours, with particularly strong gusts forecasted for La Palma and El Hierro throughout the day.

The Aemet reports unfavourable conditions for the Canary Islands due to calima

In the Las Palmas province, conditions are predicted to be partly cloudy to clear with cloudy intervals in the lower northern areas of Gran Canaria, along with calima that will also spread from east to west.

In lower-lying regions, a slight temperature rise is forecasted, more noticeably in the elevated western areas of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, while temperatures in inland areas are expected to remain fairly stable.

The trade winds in Gran Canaria will be strong, especially during the first half of the day, with occasional very strong gusts on the northwest and southeast slopes. These winds are set to turn eastward affecting the midlands and summits from the early morning hours.

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