British woman visits Tenerife for a day after snagging an incredibly cheap flight: “It was fun”

The tourist shares every detail of her Tenerife trip in a video that has garnered over 6,000 views.

Danielle Mclean, a 35-year-old from Edinburgh, Scotland, stumbled upon an exceptionally low-priced flight to Tenerife at the end of January and seized the opportunity without hesitation. The one-way fare was a mere 20 pounds, approximately 23 euros, leading her to plan a brief day trip to the island, a story she later shared with The Sun.

Danielle, who has an extensive travel history across Europe, revealed to Edinburgh Live that this was her first time embarking on such a short holiday, returning home in under 24 hours. She explained her spontaneous travel method: “I just Google different flights from Edinburgh and, if they’re cheap…”

The return flight set her back by 55 pounds, but Danielle saw it as an opportunity: “I thought I could fly back for the day, walk along the beach, and visit the hotel I had stayed at before, as I know two of the staff.” She was also enticed by the warm weather, noting, “I saw that the temperature was 22°C, which is obviously much warmer than here.”

British woman visits Tenerife for a day after snagging an incredibly cheap flight: "It was fun"

After arriving at Tenerife South Airport, Danielle spent her day in Los Abrigos, marking yet another visit to the island in a series of trips; this was her fourth time in Tenerife in the last year, consistently choosing to stay at the Bahía Príncipe Fantasia hotel.

The details of her whirlwind trip were thoroughly documented and shared on her YouTube channel, Danielle UK, in a video that has already attracted over 6,000 views, captivating an audience curious about her fleeting island adventure.

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