The top 10 hiking tours in Tenerife you can’t miss this year

These Tenerife tours will include trails that are suitable for the entire family.

The Tenerife Rural Foundation is introducing 10 self-guided tours that will be held from February to December across various locations on the island. These trails are crafted to allow participants to immerse themselves in Tenerife’s breathtaking landscapes and rich traditions, making them accessible to a wide audience and ideal for family outings.

The schedule for the 10 organised routes is as follows:

The top 10 hiking tours in Tenerife you can't miss this year

Along the Isla Baja coast (Los Silos-Isla Baja) – Saturday, February 24.

Güímar area (Chacaica, San Juan, Camino Inmemorial del Agua) – Saturday, March 23.

Granadilla region (Cuarterías del Sur, Memories of a time of hard work) – Saturday, April 27.

Tegueste-Tejina (Sustainable farming in the lush northern valleys) – Saturday, May 25.

Tacoronte (Traditional fishing in an open Atlantic) – Saturday, June 29.

La Laguna-El Rosario (The plains of La Dehesa, adorned with grains) – Saturday, July 27.

Icod de los Vinos (The historical Portuguese influences of Icod de los Vinos) – Saturday, September 21.

La Laguna (Traditional activities of La Laguna) – Saturday, October 26.

La Matanza (November, the season of chestnuts) – Saturday, November 23.

Adeje (The heights of Adeje, a timeless lookout) – Saturday, December 14.

Individuals interested in participating can register 15 days prior to each route by contacting 922 531 013 or by email at

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