Fred. Olsen Express: 50 years of expansion in the Canary Islands with commitment to environmental awareness

The Fred. Olsen company unveils an updated environmental balance sheet, featuring new projects among its over 70 initiatives dedicated to sustainability.

Fred. Olsen Express has unveiled its latest environmental balance sheet, showcasing updates and progress on over 70 sustainability measures under its ‘In Harmony with the Sea’ initiative, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Canary Islands Development Agenda 2030. Celebrating its 50th year, the maritime company has long been a leader in eco-friendly practices in the global shipping industry, notably adopting low-impact fuel 15 years ahead of industry regulations.

The firm is advancing its sustainability commitment through digitalisation, innovation, and efficient management of resources. In 2023, it achieved a reduction in CO2 emissions through several initiatives, including digital boarding, which cuts down CO2 emissions by 4 tonnes annually, and connecting its fleet to onshore power in the port of S/C de Tenerife during extended stays, resulting in a yearly reduction of 350 tonnes of CO2 and other pollutants.

Additionally, Fred. Olsen Express has introduced a digital system for managing chemical products onboard and in storage, utilising QR codes for accessing digital safety data sheets, which saves 25 kilos of CO2 annually. The company has also installed new waste water treatment systems on its ships to further purify water from contaminants.

Fred. Olsen Express: 50 years of expansion in the Canary Islands with commitment to environmental awareness

In terms of marine life protection, the company was awarded the ‘Sustainable Tourism Practices 2022’ by the Cabildo of Tenerife for its ‘Fred. Olsen Vigía’ system, an industry-first method for gathering and consulting data on marine life and objects detected during voyages. It is also participating in R+D+i projects, including one with Aeromarine and the University of La Laguna, to improve technology for preventing collisions with marine animals.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Fénix Canarias, Fred. Olsen Express conducted bi-monthly forestry workshops aboard its ships, educating over 250 children and youths on the archipelago’s flora and fauna. The company has initiated a seabed and coastline cleanup programme with Terramare Medioambiente and the Environmental Volunteering Office of the Cabildo of Tenerife (IDECO), where nearly 1,000 kilos of waste were collected with the help of over 550 volunteers.

Details of all Fred. Olsen Express’s sustainability efforts and the full environmental balance can be accessed on their website:

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