La Misa Festival set to make history in Costa Adeje next month

The Costa Adeje festival on the 29th of March will feature performances by Ilario Alicante, Solardo, Frank Rizardo, Sara de Araujo, and Marco Carola.

The La Misa Festival is gearing up for its 2024 season with one of its most impressive artist line-ups to date. Scheduled for 29 March in Costa Adeje, this event will showcase the premier sounds of underground music, featuring renowned artists such as Ilario Alicante, Solardo, Frank Rizardo, and Sara de Araujo, all headlined by the esteemed Italian DJ, Marco Carola, who is revered as a global leader in electronic music.

The event is set to begin at three in the afternoon in the southern part of the island and will offer nine continuous hours of music. Adding to the excitement, there will be a second stage hosting sessions from Real El Canario, Beat Creator, Bobby Bob, Deff Pete, Fonkfenómeno, and Nico López. The final tickets are available for purchase at

La Misa Festival set to make history in Costa Adeje next month

Marco Carola is making a much-anticipated return to Tenerife following his memorable Easter performance in 2023. Known for his extraordinary sessions, Carola maintains his status as a leading figure in the techno world and is set to perform at the Golf Costa Adeje, promising another exceptional experience for electronic music enthusiasts.

La Misa Festival, a highlight in the Canary Islands

La Misa Festival stands out as one of the most comprehensive cultural and leisure experiences in the Canary Islands, blending live music, dance, and theatrical acts with a unique carnival atmosphere, offering audiences an unparalleled nine-hour journey into electronic music. Among the highlights is Ilario Alicante, a prodigious Italian DJ whose early passion for music has seen him become a symbol of positive energy in the electronic scene.

La Misa has quickly established itself as a distinctive event, combining music and entertainment against the backdrop of Tenerife’s sunny beaches. It symbolizes the ultimate celebration of happiness, recreation, and fun, encapsulated in a timeless blend of music and dance.

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