Connecting the Canary Islands with Madrid: from “papas con mojo” to “patatas bravas”

The airline underscores the unity between the two highly demanded destinations, Canary Islands and Madrid, with an original advertising slogan.

Iberia Express, the primary low-cost airline operating at Madrid airport and serving routes between Madrid and the Canary Islands, has launched a marketing campaign aimed at enhancing connections between the capital and the archipelago.

With the catchy and original slogan “Origin: Papas con mojo, Destination: Patatas bravas,” the airline leverages the universal appeal of gastronomy, using an iconic dish from each region’s culinary tradition to underscore its strong commitment to connectivity between Madrid and the Canary Islands.

Connecting the Canary Islands with Madrid: from "papas con mojo" to "patatas bravas"

The campaign also highlights one of Iberia Express’s distinguishing features: its highly competitive prices, which enable it to compete effectively with other low-cost carriers while simultaneously offering a premium service in the Business cabin. Since its inception in 2012, Iberia Express has successfully developed a hybrid model that combines the efficiency advantages of low-cost carriers with the customer benefits associated with traditional airlines, such as connecting flights, a Business cabin, and loyalty programs.

Moreover, Iberia Express has consistently ranked among the most punctual low-cost airlines globally for 12 consecutive years and was Europe’s most punctual airline in 2023.

Another key aspect emphasized in the Iberia Express marketing campaign is the frequency of flights offered by the airline, particularly to Tenerife and Gran Canaria. With both destinations, it has established a robust air bridge, offering up to 12 daily return flights between Tenerife and Madrid (eight to Tenerife North and two to Tenerife South), as well as another 10 daily flights between Gran Canaria and Madrid.

Iberia Express Campaigns in the Canary Islands

To ensure maximum visibility and engagement with its customers, Iberia Express has utilized various advertising mediums, including city bus lines, bus shelters, and other urban installations in prominent locations such as Plaza Weyler in Tenerife and the Mesa y Lopez shopping area in Gran Canaria. Additionally, the airline’s #Expressate advertisement is being screened in approximately 50 cinemas across Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

This video, featuring choreographer Sam Vázquez and singer/actress Masi Rodríguez, celebrates the theme of freedom and portrays travel as a means of self-discovery, inspiration, and self-expression. Through music and dance, the video encapsulates the sentiments and experiences shared by over 10,000 customers who have traveled with Iberia Express.

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