Farewell to ID: facial recognition introduced for Binter flights at Canary Islands airports

Thanks to this new Binter facial recognition feature, travellers can seamlessly navigate through security filters and boarding gates without the need to present any form of documentation.

Binter has introduced a cutting-edge facial biometrics system aimed at streamlining the boarding process for its passengers in the Canary Islands. This innovative feature, which is entirely voluntary, enables travellers to navigate security filters and boarding gates at select airports without the need to present any physical documentation.

Passengers can avail themselves of the biometric system at the filters and gates in airports such as Gran Canaria (LPA), Tenerife North (TFN), Palma de Mallorca (PMI), Menorca (MAH), Ibiza (IBZ), and Madrid (MAD).

To participate in facial recognition, passengers must first register in the biometric programme, accessible through the Binter mobile application. Once registered, subsequent enrolment is unnecessary. Additionally, passengers must generate their boarding pass at least once via the mobile app or Binter website and provide consent to participate in the biometric programme for Binter flights.

Farewell to DNI: facial recognition introduced for Binter flights at Canary Islands airports

However, Binter underscores that while the biometric system expedites passage through security and boarding, passengers must always carry the requisite documentation and boarding pass for their flight.

Binter has spearheaded the implementation of the biometric system in Spain since December, boasting over a thousand registered customers and conducting over 700 biometric operations in Canary Island airports.


  • For a seamless registration experience, passengers are advised to avoid objects that may obstruct NFC chip reading during the process, such as phone cases.
  • During NFC chip reading, moving the mobile phone slowly ensures accurate reading by the RFID reader, indicated by progress dots displayed on the screen.
  • For international and domestic flights, passengers should check in with both their ID card and passport.


  • The facial biometrics system is not available for children under 14.
  • Passengers with special items in their reservation or unresolved residence validation cannot utilize the system.
  • Expired documentation renders passengers ineligible for this functionality.

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