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Canary Islands remain at risk from swell: government issues recommendations

The pre-alert for wind in the Canary Islands has come to an end.

In light of the recent forecasts from the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), the Canary Islands Government has decided to keep the archipelago under a pre-alert status for coastal conditions, while the pre-alert for wind has been lifted.

The marine forecast predicts challenging conditions, including north-easterly winds reaching force 5 to 6 (equating to 30 to 50 kilometres per hour), significant swells between two and three metres, and combined sea and swell waves ranging from 2.5 to four metres in height.

In response to these conditions, the General Directorate of Emergencies of the Canary Islands has issued detailed safety recommendations for the public to adhere to:

Canary Islands remain at risk from swell: government issues recommendations

  • Ensure your property is safeguarded against potential sea water intrusion.
  • Refrain from standing at the ends of piers or jetties, and avoid the temptation to capture photographs or videos near breaking waves.
  • Steer clear of fishing in areas deemed to be at risk.
  • Avoid driving on roads that run close to the coastline.
  • Never attempt to swim at secluded or unfamiliar beaches, which may harbor dangerous local currents.
  • Abstain from swimming at beaches flying a red flag, in areas with strong wave activity and undertows, or where lifeguard and rescue services are absent.
  • Refrain from engaging in water sports and nautical activities in areas impacted by the swell, and avoid camping on beaches during storm warnings.
  • Should you observe any abnormal swell, keep a safe distance from the sea, and resist approaching it even if conditions seem to calm.
  • For boat owners, secure your vessel’s mooring in a protected location.
  • Warn others if you see them in hazardous areas.
  • If you find yourself in the water, move away from the breaking waves, signal for assistance, and wait for rescue.
  • In the event of being caught by a wave, remain calm, do not swim against the current, and allow it to carry you. Typically, coastal currents weaken further along, which is your cue to swim towards safety.
  • If you are on shore and witness someone falling into the water, provide them with a lifeline or any buoyant object they can cling to, and dial 1-1-2 without delay.

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