Tenerife Noir Festival: schedule, events, and timings

The Atlantic Festival of Noir Genre kicks off this Friday, 1 March, showcasing an ambitious and multidisciplinary cultural agenda. With over 30 activities planned, the event will span across the entire island and the archipelago, backed by institutional support.

The Atlantic Noir Genre Festival commenced last Friday, 1 March, unveiling a comprehensive and interdisciplinary cultural agenda spanning over 30 events, which are set to unfold across the entire island and archipelago, backed by institutional support.

This was clarified during a press briefing at the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Town Hall, attended by notable figures including José Manuel Bermúdez, the Mayor of Tenerife’s capital; José Carlos Acha, the Island Council of Tenerife’s Minister of Culture; Cristóbal de la Rosa, Director General of Cultural Innovation and Creative Industries of the Canary Islands Government; Isabel Castells, Director of the Secretariat for Cultural Development and Library at the University of La Laguna; and Jesús Javier Plata, the sub-delegate of the Spanish Government in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

At the same venue, the Tenerife Noir programme was presented, receiving accolades from Santiago Díaz, the municipality’s culture councillor, and Carmen Pérez of the Development Society of Santa Cruz.

Mayor José Manuel Bermúdez praised the dedication and effort of Alejandro Martín’s team in bringing the festival to fruition, highlighting the city’s pride in hosting such nationally recognized cultural events. Tenerife Noir, he noted, continues to show promise for the future.

The festival’s ninth iteration offers a diverse range of artistic activities spanning literature, theatre, cinema, and crime-themed leisure, with this year’s focus being a tribute to pulp culture. This homage is marked by celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic film “Pulp Fiction,” with a special screening planned, alongside an exhibition titled “Pulp Fiction: Crime Covers” at the Sala del Parque García Sanabria.

Tenerife Noir Festival: schedule, events, and timings

Esteemed authors Rosa Montero, Leonardo Padura, and Élmer Mendoza headline the event, engaging with audiences across various locations and discussions, underscoring Tenerife Noir’s status as a platform for prestigious literary figures.

The festival’s schedule extends beyond literary pursuits, incorporating cinema, theatre, and educational activities. Highlights include a cineforum on Tarantino’s film, the Tenerife Noir Express film project, and theatrical performances dedicated to the noir theme. The VIII International Seminar on Black Genre Research further enriches the festival, offering academic insights into the noir genre’s influence on collective and individual memory.

New to this year’s agenda are the “Crónica negra de Santa Cruz” guided tours, which have already attracted significant interest, reflecting the festival’s appeal to younger audiences with interactive role-playing and board games.

Officials from various cultural and governmental bodies voiced their support for Tenerife Noir, lauding its integration of academic and social elements, its tribute to pulp culture, and its broad appeal across different demographics. The festival’s comprehensive program, blending cultural enrichment with community engagement, underscores its growth and significance within the Canary Islands’ cultural landscape.

The complete schedule and further details about the Tenerife Noir Festival are available on the event’s official website.

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